Resources: Month: October 2018

The Antioch Factor

5 talks of The Antioch Factor In these 5 talks Ross shares his life’s message. He shares concerning what the Bible says about cross cultural mission being the heart of God’s plan for the church, especially focusing on the book of Acts and the early church. God has used this teaching in the US, Africa, […]

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Preparing for Cross Cultural Missions

1. How is your walk with the Lord? how are you doing with the Lord? Often I think of a dear friend of mine who, many years ago, was involved with me in work into China. He was doing quite well and then he said to me one day, “I want to go home.” And […]

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Brad’s 23 keys To Being A healthy Cross Cultural Missionary

How to be a Healthy Cross Cultural Missionary? Here are some keys I've picked up over the years of being a cross cultural missionary. I have seen many folk come and go on the mission field, and so I wanted to share these keys to help you start and finish well. Disclosure: This post contains […]

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Joseph Part 2

[Music] Hi, this is Ross Paterson. I started last month on the subject of Joseph, and I'd like to continue with that. This month I want to look at two keys to faithfulness in Joseph's life. Now, I suspect that some of us will know those keys but I want to give a slight, as […]

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The 4 Questions

  Transcript (Summarized)   The 4 Questions English   Today, I am going to share from John's Gospel chapters 5 to 7, and we will be discussing parts of it.   I am going to ask 4 questions that Jesus asked.   Question 1 in John 5:6   The first one is John chapter 5, […]

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Hannah - Part 1 Hi. This is Ross Paterson, one of the leaders of FieldPartner. In this session, I want to deal with something slightly parallel and different. And it is this: it's about ordinary people making a difference. It's a passion that we have in FieldPartner. A passion that we have in the other […]

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