Resources: Month: February 2021

An ‘Ordinary’ Person, Who Made a Big Difference

Do you think your life could never make a difference? Let us show you how you are wrong! Especially right now, how we choose to invest our lives can make a huge impact on others… Since losing a very special friend and precious team member very suddenly about two weeks ago, Ross and I have […]

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Interview with Grant & Jean

Grant and Jean are missionaries from South Africa. In this interview, they share their journey leading to mission work in China, what it was like to have and raise children in a brand new culture. They tell us about continuing to seek the Lord's will throughout their life in mission.   They challenge us not […]

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The Value Of A Life

A number of years ago in China I was invited by a senior house church leader to visit his home in order to pray with him for his new-born child. During that visit, I was astonished at a comment that his wife, the new mother, made to me. She said that she had had several […]

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