Resources: Month: May 2021

The Chinese Church and Heresies

Recent pressures faced by our Christian brothers and sisters in China are clear. 2020 saw the closing of churches because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Some churches are now beginning to reopen. At the same time increasing reduction of freedom of religion in China from government sources, including the demands to conform to Marxist doctrine in […]

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Interview with Onesphore Manirakiza

Onesphore is the Burundian National Director of Great Lakes Outreach:​ In this interview, Onesphore shares the story of his birth into an ethnic conflict, his discovery of the calling upon his life and how he worked alongside unreached minority groups in Burundi. He shares his heart to raise up a well-trained generation of missionaries […]

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China’s Falling Birth Rate

For many years, China insisted on a one child per family policy. In 2016 that policy was reversed; families in China were allowed to have two children. It was in some ways an implicit admission of the problems created by the one child policy. It now seems that the decision was too little and too […]

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