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China And Poverty

The BBC’s “Reality Check” team looked at Chinese President Xi Jinping’s claim that his country has reached an ambitious goal set when he assumed office in 2012. China’s leadership now declares “total victory” over extreme poverty. On February 25th, Xi spoke of a “complete victory” declaring that China had “generated another earthly miracle that will […]

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China’s Economic Paradox

Recently a vlogger in China lectured online about China’s national push for technological self-reliance. As he did that, comments flashed on the screen. They were full of praise for China’s progress under the Communist government. “Our motherland’s five-year plan is so awesome!” But then the vlogger talked about issues like rising house prices. When he […]

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The Value Of A Life

A number of years ago in China I was invited by a senior house church leader to visit his home in order to pray with him for his new-born child. During that visit, I was astonished at a comment that his wife, the new mother, made to me. She said that she had had several […]

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New Religious Laws Proposed in China

The Ministry of Justice, China recently posted a 31 article document about laws that will govern what foreigners who are Christians can and cannot do in China. The document was posted for comments, meaning it is not final yet.

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A New Year & A New Day In China Ministry

The events of 2020, so unexpected and so severe, have raised questions concerning the nature of ministry into China  in 2021 for those living outside of China. Obviously there are differences of approach for ethnic Chinese and non-Chinese, but the issues in different ways are real for both. Daniel Dakota, who remained in China during […]

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China's Relationship with India

China and India are two of the major regional powers in Asia. They are the two most populous countries and among the fastest growing major economies in the world. Growth in diplomatic and economic influence has increased the significance of their bilateral relationship.

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Textbook Lies

One of our China team members wrote these words to me recently: “Ross, I am really astonished at seeing these words.” She referred to text taken directly from a Mainland Chinese textbook entitled “Ethics And The Law”, issued to high school students. This book, sanctioned by at least a provincial education authority in China if […]

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Confucius Institutes (CIs)

“Washington has required the centre that manages Chinese government-funded Confucius Institutes (CIs) in the United States to register as a foreign mission, in a further sign of deteriorating bilateral relations.” (Reuters). According to the U.S. National Association of Scholars, there were 75 Confucius Institutes in the United States as of June, including 66 at colleges […]

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Chinese Students in the West

Over the past two decades, the number of students leaving mainland China to study abroad increased from 39,000 in 2000 to 662,100 in 2018. Chinese students form a large share of international students in many countries including the United States, Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom (East Asia Forum). Among these are nearly 370,000 Chinese […]

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Rich State, Poor People

The extraordinary growth of China's economy over the last 30 years is a well-known story. China's is the 2nd strongest economy in the world, behind only the United States. Over the last number of years China's economy has overtaken Germany, France, the UK and many others. But that statement about China’s economy is not a […]

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