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Get Ready to be Shaken

Ross looks at what the Bible says about the end of the world, and how the Bible tells us to get ready for it.

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Blessed or Buried to Bless?

Ross looks at John 12:20-25 to discuss a secret to God’s blessing flowing through us to others, with two unusual examples of that truth.

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Seven lessons from Job about values

Ross shares lessons from the book of Job that help us to walk through the hard and puzzling times in our lives.

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Zechariah gets a second chance

Ross shares from in Luke 1 about Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, and stresses that our God is a God of the second chance - for him and for us today.

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Acts 9:15-16 Painful surprises from the life of Paul

Ross shares from Acts 9 about one unusual aspect of God’s surprises in our lives - when God surprises us with pain not with observable blessing. These can be experiences of the Lord that cannot be found anywhere else.

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Ordinary People Making A Difference

Listen to the sermon here:

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Ross at Agape - Ordinary People Making A Difference
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Joseph - Part 2
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Joseph - Part 1
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Podcast: Cross Cultural Mission Experiences That We Can Learn From Abraham

Abraham, the father of our faith and of cross cultural mission! Hi, this is Ross Paterson, I'd like to take a brief opportunity to share with you from a very important passage regarding cross cultural mission work. Many writers, many of those who share our heart for mission, turn to this passage. It's kind of […]

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