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Sermon | Hannah: Ordinary People Making a Difference

  Ross Paterson's sermon on the example of Hannah. If you'd like a more in-depth look into the example of Hannah, check out the first two videos from Ross' engaging and challenging bible study series on Hannah here.

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The Syro Phoenician woman

Ross' sermon on the Syro Phoenician Woman from Matthew 15.

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Quiet time 3: Elements of a Quiet Time

Ross shares his three elements of a quiet time, bible reading, prayer and worship. Quiet Time Part 1 Quiet Time Part 2 Ross Paterson here and this is the third and last talk that I’m going to do in the series that I’m doing on the quiet time, just a 10 minute sharing. Again, as […]

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Hannah - Part 1 Hi. This is Ross Paterson, one of the leaders of FieldPartner. In this session, I want to deal with something slightly parallel and different. And it is this: it's about ordinary people making a difference. It's a passion that we have in FieldPartner. A passion that we have in the other […]

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Vision of FieldPartner International

The vision of FieldPartner International is a simple one. It is to serve the church and individual believers in matters relating to the Great Commission, that is taking the Gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth. Behind that vision lies a strong faith that when we obey God, when we go to distant […]

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