Join us in equipping cross-cultural missionaries to see the Good News of Jesus taken to the ends of the earth

Ross and Christine offer a unique training experience through FieldPartner International. They are both very experienced cross-cultural workers themselves, and know firsthand the challenges people will face. These courses don't only focus on the theology of mission, but on the LIFE of a missionary - and how to thrive!

Join Us at Fieldpartner
Ross and Christine have also successfully run schools of mission in English and Chinese for many years, specifically training in this area to help people succeed in another culture.

Crucially, they are unaligned. Ross and Christine are not focused on helping one particular agency or church denomination. TheIr desire is to reach across these boundaries to train and support anyone who has heard God's call to the nations. FieldPartner International can be relevant to those who are not sure where they can turn for that kind of help. Or it may include others who are sent but not trained – a phenomenon that is more frequent than you might think!

By donating to FieldPartner International you are equipping the next generation of cross-cultural missionaries to be obedient to God's call on their life, and to be effective in their ministry.
FieldPartner International | Online Courses for Cross Cultural Missionaries
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