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What is Self -Care for God's Servants?

Fieldpartner is proud to host this free presentation from Tony Horsfall on Self-care. ‘Self-care for God’s Servants’ will ask the question ‘Is self-care valid?’ and then look practically at ways in which we may care for others without neglecting our own needs. In particular, we will look at the discipline of stopping, and the practice of sabbath.

Tony served as a missionary with OMF in East Malaysia, and later headed up EQUIP, a missions training programme based in England. For a number of years, he was Pastoral Carer for MAF, visiting their teams in Africa on a regular basis. Tony has a God-given passion to help those in Christian service sustain themselves over the long haul of ministry. He is an author, retreat leader, mentor and friend. He has written ‘Working From a Place of Rest’ and ‘Rhythms of Grace’.
More About Self-care for God's People

What is Self -Care for God's Servants?

Where will the event take place?

The event will take place live on Zoom, if you are signed up, we will send you an email shortly before the event with access details for the meeting.

What will the format of the event be?

FieldPartner founders Ross & Christine Paterson will be hosting, before handing over to Tony to give his presentation. There will then be an opportunity to ask questions and hear Tony's responses.

I can't make the event - will there be a recording?

Yes, a recording will be available after the event - click here to sign up to receive the recording.

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