5. Leaving


As Jerry Jones of ‘the Culture Blend’ says, ‘Leaving is a process, not an event’. Getting ready to leave is what you have been doing since you first announced that you felt called to GO! Your friends and family will have sensed it back then, and already they may be making plans that no longer include you, which can be quite painful, as you sense them starting to pull back! But now, in any case, you are more than a little busy with your own plans – packing, buying tickets, acquiring visas etc. This is a time for being very intentional in building a RAFT, a useful tool for transition and good closure. (The acronym stands for Reconciliation, Affirmation, Farewell and Think Destination - click below for more details). Again, this requires some time – build it into your countdown schedule or it simply won’t happen. Before you know it, D (for Departure) Day will have arrived!

Building a RAFT