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What is the On-Field Stage?

For those already on the field, the picture can look very different from how one expected. Frequent issues include navigating culture shock; conflict across cultures and within the team; marital issues and family needs; personal and spiritual growth; maintaining balance and rest; support from home and on the field.

Check out the interactive resource map below to explore the journey, and the relationship between the church and field worker.


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May 13, 2022

Cultural Pride

In our interview with Christina Winrich, she shared openly about the challenges and joys of serving God in another culture. In the preview clip below she shares some of the difficulties of arriving into another culture. I’d love to unpack a couple of of the themes she touches upon. Admittedly, we will only be scratching […]
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April 22, 2022

The Missionary Time Forgot?

In our interview with our former co-worker in China, Bev Gigney, she shared a poignant story about losing a close friend from her sending church, who was nicknamed Bubbles. Of all her supporters, Bubbles was the one she was closest to; she was a faithful and dedicated intercessor. Bev testified that she could sense the […]
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April 1, 2022

Interview with Bev Gigney

  Bev Gigney founded a children's home called Dove's Wings during her years serving in China, having had a clear call to go and work with children in that nation. Along her journey she experienced setbacks and tragedy, which sadly led to her having to leave the mission field very suddenly. An important part of […]
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February 24, 2022

Interview with Joann Pittman

Teacher, author, speaker, blogger and plenty more besides, Joann Pittman's years in China have developed a wealth of knowledge for and a deep love of this nation. In this interview she shares her journey to China, the way it has impacted her life, and the story behind her fascinating book.
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December 10, 2021

The 3-minute Rule (and How Not To Be Offended!)

“So, tell me what life is like out there!” “Can you summarise the work you’ve been involved in for us?” Perhaps you have experienced this sort of question?  You’ve felt the calling to serve in another culture, uprooted your whole life, learnt a new language, gone through months, if not years, of cultural adjustment and, […]
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November 12, 2021

Working from a Place of Rest

FieldPartner was proud to host this event with Tony Horsfall. 'Working From a Place of Rest' asked the important question: How can we joyfully sustain ministry over the long haul of life? The biggest mistake we can make in ministry is to try and work for God rather than work with God. Jesus himself shows us by his example […]
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