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What is member care?

Member care is about providing a space for reflection and renewal. It may come from the sending church, or a variety of other sources. Regardless, it is an essential component in the life of a missionary and will help to avoid burnout, as well as a host of other issues along the way.

We hope and pray our partners in this area will be of encouragement to those on the field and those seeking to support them.

Rod and Ruthie Gilbert

Rod and Ruthie Gilbert share a lifetime of experiences and adventures in mission and family life over 44 years in Asia and the UK.
Rod was Principal of schools in India and in Sri Lanka and together they have mentored, coached and encouraged hundreds of people in their desire to live well and discover ‘Life in all it’s fullness’ ( John 10:10). They built Scripture Union’s Cornerstone House Family Life Center and Avalanche Adventure center in South India and developed ‘Marriage Masala’ - 52 spices for a healthy marriage. They brought up their 5 children in India and now have 12 lively grandchildren! Ruthie was brought up in Kenya, has Jewish roots is a trained counselor and motivational speaker. Together they worked at Bethany Ministries in Hong Kong and they continue to train and teach across Asia. Over the last 7 years they have established KingsMill in Kent UK a 400 year old Homestead welcoming people of all nations and stages of life, with a purpose of re-discovering the ‘wide open spaces’ of God’s grace and glory!
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The vision of cccw.care is to create a global sharing platform of Chinese-language resources benefitting the member care of Chinese Cross-Cultural Workers worldwide. Member Care is the ongoing preparation, equipping and empowering of cross-cultural workers for effective and sustainable life, ministry and work. Resources are curated from global sources, making this a truly cross-cultural endeavor to care across cultures. Some materials are translated to Chinese and others are developed in native language. Effective use of these tools involves an awareness of the cultural background of the source, and wisdom to contextual for one’s own culture. This online resource toolbox is meant to be used in community. As individuals and teams share and discuss materials together, this fosters a common language to spur more mutual care and better teamwork.
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