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Who are our training partners?

The best time to build a strong foundation is the beginning - we believe training is an essential part of any missionary journey. We are all blissfully unaware of the knowledge we lack and that is where our partners can help. They have all spent time in various areas of the mission field and have much insight to share.

The challenges a cross-cultural missionary can face may be spiritual or practical and that is why we recommend you devote some time to our courses or the resources offered by our partners.

Didasko Intercultural Ministry Training

Didasko Academy exists to inspire and equip Christians to evangelize and disciple the people groups that are without access to the gospel.
Like FieldPartner, Didasko is an online resource centre for training and services covering all aspects of the task of completing the Great Commission. We provide this training free of charge, in collaboration with the global Christian community. Check out their courses ‘The Bible and Missions’ and ‘Personal Fundraising for Missionaries’.
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Derek Prince Ministries

FieldPartner Co-founder Ross Paterson spent over 30 years working for Derek Prince Ministries in their China Program. DPM reaches out to believers in over 140 countries with Derek’s teachings, fulfilling the mandate to keep on “until Jesus returns”. This is effected through the outreaches of more than 45 Derek Prince Offices around the world, including primary work in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.
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