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September 30, 2022

Interview with Elizabeth Trotter

Elizabeth and her husband Jonathan were missionaries to Cambodia. They returned to America during Covid lockdown in a sudden and difficult end to their years of ministry. During their time on the field, and since, they have dedicated much time to creating blogs, books, podcasts and more to share their wisdom and reflections, often on […]
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July 1, 2022

Where the Holy Spirit is Free to Work

Ross explores the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, posing the question; 'is there any area of our life that would make it more difficult to allow the Spirit to work in us?' Ross looks to scriptures such as Luke 4 (Jesus' anointing of the Spirit), Romans 12:1-2 (living sacrifices), Revelation 5:9-12 (The […]
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June 17, 2022

Interview with Reuben Inwe

Our interview with Reuben Inwe is a fascinating one. His own story of encountering the Lord on a bus in Nigeria, then being led to serve and plant a church in a specific city in the north of England, is both dramatic and impacting. However, it is his challenge to the church in the West […]
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May 13, 2022

Interview with Michael Prest

Michael Prest is the director of our partner, UFM Worldwide. In this thought-provoking interview, he shares his personal story and how that led him to his current role today at UFM, an organisation that works to foster and nurture the role of the sending church in raising up and supporting cross-cultural missionaries. Read Michael's excellent […]
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November 23, 2022

The Beauty of Collaboration

The Beauty of Collaboration

I recently received an update from a soon-to-be partner and found that they were starting to offer online options for their courses. So, I did a fun exercise and went through several of our other partners’ sites. I discovered that post-Covid several others had started offering online options or versions of their trainings. In view […]
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November 18, 2022

Damascus Road Or Gradual Conviction?

Damascus Road Or Gradual Conviction?

In my previous post, I defined cross-cultural mission. It contains two vital elements. Firstly, going. Secondly, the venue, a people whose language and culture is different from ours. This week I have been chewing on another question. If I had a clear answer last week, I don’t have one this week. The question is this. […]
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November 11, 2022

What Cross-Cultural Mission Is & What It Isn't!

What Cross-Cultural Mission Is & What It Isn't!

We desperately need a Biblical definition of cross-cultural mission today. “James Hudson Taylor (Chinese: 戴德生) was a British Protestant Christian missionary to China and founder of the China Inland Mission. Taylor spent 51 years in China” (Wikipedia). Hudson Taylor was a cross-cultural missionary! But we also need to define what Hudson Taylor was not: i) […]
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November 4, 2022

James Adam: Missionary to China’s Miao People

James Adam: Missionary to China’s Miao People

James Adam was a Scottish missionary who arrived in China in 1887 aged 23 and served there for the next 28 years. Adam worked among the Miao minority people. From his base in Anshun, he visited 250 different Miao villages and built relationships with many community leaders. John Stevenson, a leader of the China Inland […]
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  • Jackie Pullinger, Cross cultural Missionary to Hong Kong

    Jackie Pullinger

    Missionary to Hong Kong since 1966
    Founder of the St Stephen's Society
    Ross & Christine’s training and ministry have always had a biblical base, integrity and practicality. This material meets a need vital for the mission field and use on the ground. It will help to make Jesus known in different cultures.
    George Verwer, Operation Mobiliation - for sharing the gospel

    George Verwer

    Founder and former International Director
    Operation Mobilization
    I have followed Ross since his student days at Cambridge when he also joined OM for a short time. I have seen God using him and his wife in wonderful ways and their commitment to China is outstanding. They have a teaching ministry that has impacted many lives and you will be blessed as you take time to read and listen.
  • Simon Guillebaud

    Founder And International Director
    Great Lakes Outreach
    The Patersons have been a lifelong inspiration to me in laying down their lives for the call to cross-cultural missions. I cannot think of any better training available on the web than FieldPartner, which is the synthesis of their five decades of learning on the ground as authentic practitioners.
    Rachel, Missions student from Taiwan


    From Taiwan
    Before going on a short mission trip to China, I learned a lot at the Barnabas School of Missions, which was built by the Antioch Missions founder Ross Paterson and his wife Christine. The program provides training to challenge us to want to see God glorified among the nations. Ross and Christine’s 48 years of mission experiences taught me how to do it - and how not to do it!
  • "I am a huge fan of cross culture training before hitting the mission field... I would go as far as to say is absolutely the difference between being successful and lasting out long-term on the mission field and burning out within a short period of time and having to head back home"
    Lydia, attended Ross and Christine's Cross cultural training

    Years of mission experience
    in Asia and Middle East

  • Simon Guillebaud, Founder at Great Lakes Outreach for cross cultural missions


    Student of 'Crossing Cultures 101'
    ...a total revelation for me and it helps to explain some of my past struggles in cross-cultural experiences. As I've been exposed to several cultures, I often wonder what's my true identity and have this constant longing for a sense of belonging, while at the same time I appreciate the fact the exposure has made me more adaptable...Thank you!
    Rachel, Missions student from Taiwan


    Student of 'The Antioch Factor' &
    'Crossing Cultures 101'
    That was excellent and very insightful...I need to think on this more, a lot more! So much to take in and think over in this module. This should be part of all church discipleship programmes.

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