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All Nations Christian College

Transformed People Transform God's World

All Nations Christian College (ANCC) are a global community of learners, educators and disciples of Jesus. ANCC serves the global church by training and equipping men and women for mission in a multicultural world. All Nations Christian College celebrates community and connection in a truly transformational learning environment, engaging our heads, hearts and hands for God to transform us, our communities and the world.

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ANCC are holding 3 webinars to introduce their Intercultural Coach Course to people on 22 April (7pm UK time), 18 May (7pm UK time) and 6 July (1pm). This is an excellent course and well worth checking out! Find out more about the Intercultural Coach Course.

Undergraduate Programme

The Open University-validated degree course is aimed at those preparing for long-term cross-cultural mission service and who appreciate the balance of practical and academic study. Overall, the degree programme will enable you to develop communication skills and the ability to analyse, evaluate and design suitable approaches to diverse cultural contexts. Apart from a three-week supervised placement, the programme is available either residentially (through campus-based learning) or via Flexible Delivery mode, where remote and campus-based students study together. Students may take the Certificate and Diploma either residentially or via flexible learning.


The Postgraduate Programme is ideally suited for those who have some years of Christian, cross-cultural ministry experience and want to reflect on their practice and be equipped for the future.

The Postgraduate Programme makes use of technology-enhanced delivery and can be accessed residentially on campus or remotely (online). Courses can be taken either full-time or part-time.

PG Cert in Missiology │ MTh / PG Dip in Contextual Theology │ MA / PG Dip in: Missiology , Global Ecclesiology , Multicultural Church in Practice, Transformational Development , Transformational Leadership, Staff Care and Wellbeing

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