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“Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

Matthew 11:15

FieldPartner Podcasts

FieldPartner is proud to host two podcasts. We hope and pray they will be useful, encouraging and challenging! You can access them on all major podcast platforms, as well as through our website.

Many of our podcast episodes are also available to watch as videos on this website or our YouTube Channel.
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The Field Partner Podcast

The 'Field Partner Podcast' - Focused on Christian Cross-cultural mission. We have a series on interviews with experienced missionaries from all over the world who share the amazing stories and precious wisdom they have acquired through many years on the field.

fieldpartner foundations podcast

FieldPartner Foundations Podcast

Foundations - In line with the foundations section of our website - the home for biblical teaching. This is predominantly home to the sermons and shorter bible studies of Ross Paterson. Much of scripture is covered here so we hope there will be something to encourage you in every situation.

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From both of our podcasts...
January 15, 2020

Finding Treasure in all the Bible - 2 Kings 15

Ross looks at 2 Kings 15 and seeks to show how we can learn and be blessed even from hard passages.
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January 15, 2020

Romans 12 And an Unexpected Blessing

Ross looks at 6 words that changed the life of the great Chinese missionary, Hudson Taylor
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January 15, 2020

Four keys from Genesis 12

Ross examines 4 keys we can be challenged and encouraged by from Genesis 12 - the call of Abram (later to become Abraham).
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January 15, 2020

Ordinary People: 7 Keys From Amos Chapter 7

Ross gives some specific examples from China colleagues and then shares 7 key lessons from the life of Amos to help us make a difference.          
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October 24, 2018

Joseph Part 2

[Music] Hi, this is Ross Paterson. I started last month on the subject of Joseph, and I'd like to continue with that. This month I want to look at two keys to faithfulness in Joseph's life. Now, I suspect that some of us will know those keys but I want to give a slight, as […]
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November 13, 2017

Podcast: Cross Cultural Mission Experiences That We Can Learn From Abraham

Abraham, the father of our faith and of cross cultural mission! Hi, this is Ross Paterson, I'd like to take a brief opportunity to share with you from a very important passage regarding cross cultural mission work. Many writers, many of those who share our heart for mission, turn to this passage. It's kind of […]
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