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Mobilisation Books We Recommend

For What It's Worth

Simon Guillebaud

A Call to No Holds Barred Discipleship

Becoming a follower of Jesus can be anything but a comfortable journey. It's about taking risks and fully surrendering our lives to His will. This book, written by a young, passionate author, is a highly challenging call to respond to Christ with our whole hearts and nothing less. Simon Guillebaud says, "I so long to be used to awaken a passion in people's hearts for radical living. We are all just ordinary people, with the potential to do extraordinary things because we have an extraordinary God." Watch our interview with Simon Guillebaud.

The Antioch Factor

Ross Paterson

There is a hidden message in the book of Acts. The code words are "Jerusalem" and "Antioch". Every church is making a right or wrong decision in this matter. The early church in Jerusalem got it wrong, so God had to change His plan to work through the Antioch church. Read the book to find out what that hidden message is! This book is the basis for our course of the same name. Check out Ross' sermons and interview. Download a free chapter from the book here!

Explaining Mission

Ross Paterson

A part of the ‘explaining’ series. This is a basic, biblical overview of what Christian Mission is.

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