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Quiet Time #1: Importance of Quiet Time

What is the quiet time and what does it have to do with cross-cultural mission? In this series, Ross takes us through his thoughts on daily devotionals and how to approach them. The importance of daily quiet time is underlined by this quote from John Wesley. "Whether you like it or no, read and pray […]

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Quiet Time #2: Should We Follow A Structure?

When we have our quiet times, should we have a plan or leave it to spontaneity? Ross investigates what scripture can teach us on this topic. Jesus sets an example of regular, structured devotional time which we will hear about in this video.

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Quiet time #3

Ross shares his three elements of a quiet time, bible reading, prayer and worship.

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Quiet Time 2: Should we follow a fixed structure?

In this second lesson on Quiet Time I want to discuss the Balance Between Legalism and Being Too Casual

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Quiet Time 1: Importance of Quiet Time with God | Christian Resources | Cross Cultural Mission Tips

This is the first talk in the series, and I will cover the following: What is a Quiet Time? What does that have to do with Cross Cultural Mission? What are some problems that people face with regards to Quiet Time?

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